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Prof. Dr De Batist, Marc
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  • Universiteit Gent; Faculteit Wetenschappen; Vakgroep Geologie; Renard Centre of Marine Geology (RCMG), more
  • Function: Geologist, Professor
    Direct contact at institute:
    Tel.: +32-(0)9-264 45 87
    Fax: +32-(0)9-264 49 67
  • Oceans & Lakes : Master of Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management
  • Function: Lecturer
    Direct contact at institute:

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  • A continuous holocene record of ENSO variability in Southern Chile - A clue to a better understanding of interhemispheric climate teleconnections (ENSO-CHILI)
  • Antarctic expedition GEBRA2
  • Antarctic shelf-slope dynamics: an innovative geophysical approach
  • Belgian contribution to the "Antarctic Offshore Acoustic Stratigraphy Project"
  • Belgian Polar Research Cluster
  • Cluster Sustainable management of the North Sea, more
  • Co-financement of the CORSAIRES project
  • Contribution of high-intensitiy gas seeps in the Black Sea to methane emission in the atmosphere
  • Coring Stable and Instable Realms in European Seas
  • De analyse van globale, klimatologische signalen in de opbouw van mariene en lacustriene sedimentaire reeksen
  • De structuur en evolutie van transferzones en hun betekenis voor de ontwikkeling van tektonische bekkens.
  • Detailstudie van lacustriene hellingsinstabiliteiten: Systematische classificatie en paleoseismische reconstructie in zuidelijk Chili
  • Development of a framework for Mapping European Seabed Habitats
  • Environmental Controls on Mound Formation along the European Continental Margin
  • European North Atlantic Margin: Quantification and Modelling of Large-scale Sedimentary Processes and Fluxes
  • Fowards a high-resolution 3D-analysis of sandbank architecture on the Belgian Continental Shelf- Resource-3D
  • Geophysical in-situ probe
  • Geophysical site survey of the 'Vlakte van de Raan', Belgian sector of the North Sea
  • Hellingsinstabiliteiten en massatransport langsheen glaciale continentale randen
  • High resolution geophysical study on the 'Paardenmarkt'
  • Hoge-resolutie seismische studie van de gedetailleerde 3-dimensionele opbouw van sedimentaire systemen in mariene en lacustriene bekkens, more
  • Holocene climate variability and ecosystem change in coastal East and Maritime Antarctica, more
  • Kleinschalige sedimentdynamiek in relatie tot objectbegraving op de zeebodem (Belgisch Continentaal Plat)
  • Management research and budgeting of aggregates in shelf seas related to end-users, more
  • Network for Collection and Exchange of Data Sets on Gas Hydrates
  • New Zealand Cold Vents: Integrative petrographical, geochemical and geophysical investigations on active marine vents and fossil vents on land
  • OA-CL-016 BE-POLES: Belgische Polaire onderzoekscluster
  • Opstelling en validering van een ruimtelijk verspreidingsmodel van mariene habitats ter ondersteuning van het ecologisch waarderen van de zeebodem
  • Organisation of an international workshop on "Marine and continental paleoclimate records from Chile and Argentinia"
  • Paleolandschap en archeologie in de zuidelijke/centrale Noordzee (ruimere Brown Bank regio)
  • Paleolandschaponderzoek in de zuidelijke/centrale Noordzee
  • Participation to Antarctic expedition (January-March 1999)
  • Participation to Antarctic expedition (January-March 2000)
  • Porcupine-Belgica
  • Reflectieseismische studie van de invloed van externe factoren op de sediment-architectuur in een aantal mariene en lacustriene bekkens
  • Research on natural sand transports on the Belgian continental shelf
  • Sediment transport and bedform mobility in a sandy shelf environment
  • Sediment transport and bedform mobility in sandy shelf environment
  • Sediment Transport and Bedforms Mobility in Sandy Shelf Environments
  • Study of the geological evolution of the Belgian Continental Shelf (southern North Sea) during the Quaternary.
  • Towards a Spatial Structure Plan for Sustainable Management of the Sea, more

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