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Flemish contribution to LifeWatch.eu

Acronym: LifeWatch
Period: April 2012
Status: In Progress
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This project comprises the Flemish contribution to Lifewatch.eu: a Flemish marine, terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity observatory, models and data systems, including a central taxonomic backbone, for LifeWatch.

LifeWatch was established as part of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructure (ESFRI). It is a distributed virtual laboratory and will be used for biodiversity research, for climatological and environmental impact studies, to support the development of ecosystem services and to provide information for policy makers in Europe. This large European infrastructure will consist of several biodiversity observatories, databases, web services and modeling tools. It will be integrating the existing systems, upgrading them were possible and developing new systems where needed.
The construction of the LifeWatch infrastructure started in January 2012. As the LifeWatch European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) is being shaped, several of the participating countries started constructing the central and regional components.

Flanders is contributing to the central LifeWatch components with a taxonomic backbone, and to the regional components with marine, terrestrial and freshwater observatories, several biodiversity data systems, web services and models. The Flemish contributions to the LifeWatch infrastructure will be coordinated by the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) and the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO).

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  • LifeWatch/WoRMS editor workshop: Nemys
  • LifeWatch.be User & Stakeholders Meeting
  • LifeWatch.be User & Stakeholders Meeting
  • Advancing Data Stewardship: insights from environmental and life sciences research infrastructures
  • COST-ETN first training school: Data upload and visualisation - POSTPONED
  • EMBS53 - European Marine Biology Symposium
  • LifeWatch Data Analysis Workshop: Cetacean passive acoustic sensor network
  • LifeWatch Data Analysis Workshop: data archeology shrimp bycatch
  • LifeWatch Data Analysis Workshop: Optimization LifeWatch marine observatory sampling design
  • LifeWatch expertengroep
  • LifeWatch expertengroep
  • LifeWatch expertengroep
  • LifeWatch Maritime Industry Workshop
  • LifeWatch Observatory Sensors Meeting
  • LifeWatch projectmeeting voor de Belgische LifeWatch partners
  • LifeWatch workshop: Data Storage Tags
  • LifeWatch.be projectmeeting
  • LifeWatch/AtlantOS - European Tracking Network (ETN) workshop
  • LifeWatch/AtlantOS - European Tracking Network (ETN) developments workshop
  • LifeWatch/Jerico-Next data analysis workshop: Flow Cytometry
  • LifeWatch/Jerico-Next Post-Cruise Data Analysis Workshop
  • LifeWatch/WoRMS editor workshop: Talitraits
  • LifeWatch/WoRMS editors workshop: World Register of Introduced Marine Species
  • LifeWatch/WoRMS workshop: Antarctic species
  • LifeWatch/WoRMS workshop: Compositae
  • LifeWatch/WoRMS workshop: MolluscaBase
  • LifeWatch/WoRMS workshop: Porifera - POSTPONED
  • LifeWatch/WoRMS workshop: Thecostraca
  • Persconferentie LifeWatch - Meeuwen
  • Studie-tweedaagse vleermuizenmigratie
  • WoRMS/LifeWatch Amphipoda editor workshop
  • WoRMS/LifeWatch AnnelidaBase editors workshop
  • WoRMS/LifeWatch Ascidiacea editor workshop
  • WoRMS/LifeWatch DiatomBase editors workshop
  • WoRMS/LifeWatch MolluscaBase editors workshop
  • WoRMS/LifeWatch Nemertea and Parasite workshop
  • WoRMS/Lifewatch Ostracoda workshop
  • WoRMS/LifeWatch World Register of marine Cave Species (WoRCS) editor workshop

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