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==<span style="color:#3a75c4; Font-size: 130%">'''<small>5. Belgium Flanders</small>'''</span>==
<span style="color:#3a75c4; Font-size: 130%">'''<small>5. Belgium Flanders</small>'''</span>
===<span style="color:#3a75c4; Font-size: 130%">'''<small>Social Context</small>'''</span>===  
===<span style="color:#3a75c4; Font-size: 130%">'''<small>Social Context</small>'''</span>===  

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5. Belgium Flanders

Social Context

Flanders is a small, generally flat region near the North Sea. It is known for its prosperity and wealth and comprehends the Dutch speaking region of Belgium with an area of 13.522 km2 and a population of around 6 million inhabitants. Life expectancy for man is around 76 years and for women 82 and Over 43% of people aged between 30 and 34 years have a higher education qualification. The region is known for its high‐quality social protection system, this includes child care for families in need, an affordable low rent-housing and social housing scheme The main activity in the cities are trade and commerce while in the country side, due to the fertile soil, agricultural activities take place. However Flemish agriculture only represents 1.5% of the GDP.

Social life

The Flemish are well known for been hard workers and in general terms people are satisfied with their job. Most of the population has a catholic affiliation however the numbers of church attendants is diminishing.

Social Values

There is not a community or unified group of fishermen wives. An individualistic vision dominates social relations. However, family and friends represent very important values for individuals.