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The members of the Coastal Wiki Editorial board are:

Name Expertise
Alberto Lamberti Coastal Engineering Techniques
Alex Sousa Physical Oceanography
Alice Newton Marine Biochemistry
Andrea Taramelli Remote Sensing
Andrew Chadwick Coastal Morphology
Barbara Zanuttigh Coastal Hydraulics
Bert van der Valk Physical Geography
Brian Shipman Coastal Management
Carol van Raalten Policy and Management
Colin Janssen Ecotoxicology
David Huntley Coastal Physical Oceanography
Dominic Reeve Coastal Morphodynamics and Engineering
Erik Toorman Coastal Hydrodynamics and Mud dynamics
Francisco Taveira Pinto Coastal Hydrodynamics and Engineering
Franciscus Colijn Marine Ecology
François Hissel Marine Management Techniques
Gonzalo Carlos Malvarez GIS
Greg Rozynski Coastal Hydrodynamics and Engineering
Harry Cocossis Planning
Inigo Losada Coastal Hydrodynamics and Engineering
Jacobus van de Kreeke Coastal Hydrodynamics and Engineering
James Everts Ecotoxicology
Jan Mees Fishery and Aquaculture
Jan Seys Marine Biodiversity and Communication
Jan van Dalfsen Marine Ecology
Jan van de Graaf Coastal Morphodynamics and Engineering
Jan-Aart van Twillert Knowledge Management
Jean Berlamont Coastal Hydrodynamics and Mud dynamics
Jean-Paul Ducrotoy Marine Ecology and Management
Job Dronkers Coastal Management and Morphodynamics
Leo van Rijn Sediment Dynamics
Margaretha Breil Social Sciences
Mike Elliot Coastal Ecology and Estuarine and Marine Management
Nicki Villars Hydrodynamics / Water quality
Norbert Dankers Marine Ecology
Panayotis Prinos Coastal Hydrodynamics and Engineering
Patrick Meire Estuarine Ecology and Management
Peter Herman Marine Ecology
Philippe Sergent Coastal Engineering Techniques
Phoebe Koundouri Environmental Economics
Pierpaolo Campostrini Lagoon Systems / Knowledge Management
Remi Laane Marine Biochemistry
Stephen Olsen Coastal Policy and Management
Victor de Jonge Coastal and Marine Ecology

The CWEB is coordinated by Job Dronkers, with the assistance of the Coastal Wiki Administrator, Simon Claus.

Coastal and marine experts willing to join the CWEB are cordially invited to express their interest by sending an email to