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Step Instructions
a) Register Make sure you are registered (click CREATE ACCOUNT) and then LOGIN. [You will need to ensure that your account is enabled for editing by website managers]. In Main page click Theme 6.
b) Enter page Click your link to enter page - here you will see the editing page where you will input your article.
c) Insert your text Have an article prepared in a word document or work as you go. Paste text you have prepared, starting with a short introduction followed by headings and text. See guidelines for suggested format.
d) Editing and saving Preview your work as you go using the SHOW PREVIEW button; it's important to SAVE PAGE often. These are found at the bottom of the edit page.
Step Now you are ready to edit your article
1. Headings Lay out your headings. You can use sub-headings and don’t forget to include references, external links sections.
2. Lists Add bullets and numbering where appropriate.
3. Italics, bold Use italics and bold for emphasis.
4. Images Add images.
  1. 1. Enter image command in edit mode.
  2. Save and click the link in display mode.
  3. Upload page - find your file and click 'upload'.
  4. You should see your image – return to article through link at bottom of the page.

The command for small, thumb images that will sit to one side of text should be typed just above the text that you want to have next to your image. For other larger images insert the command in the place you want the image to lie.

5. Referencing Reference articles from which information on your page comes, and also includes links to online copies where available. See the links sections for how to do this. Type the command at the bottom of the page to generate automatically a list of all references used.
6. Web links Web links can be applied in different formats.
7. Internal links Internal links can be used to jump from place to place in an article, to jump to another page and to redirect.
8. Definitions Display one or more definitions of a word.