Key priority ICZM capacity building related issues in Europe

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This article has been extracted from the European Action Plan on Capacity Building for ICZM in Europe

A number of common priority issues regarding the weaknesses in the planning and implementation of ICZM in Europe have been voiced at different forums. However, concerns specifically associated to CB have not been clearly identified nor have they necessarily been singled out for action. Among others, the following issues in table 1, particularly associated to Capacity Building, have been identified in many reports:

Table 1: List of ICZM issues in Europe related to Capacity Building

Some issues such as the fragmentation of the existing training and educational effort relate most strongly to capacity building itself. Others such as, for example, the lack of engagement and open communication with stakeholders, including political representatives and the general public, relate more to policy planning, but nevertheless they may have close linkages to Capacity Building.

In fact, the concept and the practice of Capacity Building may be understood differently by different individuals/organizations. The importance attributed to Capacity Builiding varies between public organizations, the academia and the private sector. Moreover, the understanding of which problem/concern or need merits a Capacity Building solution may differ between individuals and institutions.

Though the above list portrays an unorganized array of Capacity Building problems, it provides extremely valuable hints regarding the problems, the actors and the institutional/organizational issues involved. The above list is also representative of today’s reality in which what prevails is a segmented, compartmentalized knowledge and understanding of Capacity Building needs.