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Welcome to the Coastal Wiki, your guide to coastal knowledge and experience


You can find information about each coastal topic by entering a corresponding term in the search box. Suggestions for articles appear with your keyword in the title. By clicking on 'containing' below you will get a list of all articles in which your keyword is mentioned. Many articles contain internal links to related topics. The categories in the box at the bottom of each page provide a list of articles relating to the category in question. See also More about the Coastal Wiki.


We invite coastal and marine scientists, practitioners and policymakers to share their knowledge and experience in coastal knowledge, practices and management. The Coastal Wiki is a much consulted source of information; most articles are viewed more than hundred times and some articles even a few thousand times each month. Several portals give access to the Coastal Wiki content.

How to contribute

For adding or editing articles a password is required, which you may obtain by sending an email to You will receive a request to provide contact information for the Wiki Contact Database. At the end of each article authors, co-authors and editors of articles are explicitly acknowledged. Please take note that the Coastal Wiki is primarily meant for disseminating knowledge to a broader audience than the circles of specialists working at the frontiers of science. It is not meant for publishing original research. Coastal Wiki articles contain typically: a general introduction, explanation of concepts and processes, illustrations, practical examples, useful methods/formulas, links to related articles, references and suggestions for further reading. Please read the help pages in the box below before you start writing an article.

Quality Assurance

The quality of the Coastal Wiki content is further secured by article reviews carried out by the Coastal Wiki Editorial Board. Review comments are published in the discussion page attached to each article. Before editing your article, please take note of the review criteria indicated in the description of the review process.

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