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This portal is developed in the framework of the FP7 Coordination and Support Action (CSA) on Marine Biotechnology, CSA MARINEBIOTECH (October 2011-March 2013).

This portal is available for

  • a broad public, to show the growing importance of the application of biological marine knowledge and cutting-edge techniques to develop products and other benefits for humans;
  • researchers, to show outlined priorities for Marine Biotechnology contributions to key societal challenges and examples of case studies showing progress in these fields;
  • the industry with interests in marine biotechnology and its outputs, to provide the context in which marine biotechnology innovation might take place;
  • policy makers, to provide a discussion and clarification of national strategy documents on marine biotechnology;
  • national funding agencies in Europe, to provide important information and insight in scoping and preparing for a future ERA-NET in marine biotechnology;
  • other technology platforms and coordination activities dedicated to marine biotechnology, to highlight opportunities for interlinkage and collaboration.