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[http://arcticportal.org/en/caff http://arcticportal.org/en/caff]
[http://arcticportal.org/en/caff http://arcticportal.org/en/caff]
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Definition of Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF):
The Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna - CAFF - is the Biodiversity Working Group of the Arctic Council. CAFFs Mission is to: Address the conservation of Arctic biodiversity, and communicate its findings to the governments and residents of the Arctic, helping to promote practices which ensure the sustainability of the Arctic’s living resources.
This is the common definition for Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), other definitions can be discussed in the article

The CAFF program has five core objectives:

  • Monitoring of Arctic biodiversity
  • Conservation of Arctic species and their habitat
  • Consider the establishment of protected areas
  • Conservation of nature outside protected areas
  • The integration of conservation objectives & measures for economic sectors of the society.

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