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|AuthorFullName= Persson, Mats
|AuthorFullName= Persson, Mats
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To assist in Coastal Management and making decision regarding the coastal zone various forms of Socio-Economic evaluation are used. Any evaluation must be based on good technical knowledge of the situation on the shore regarding erosion processes etc. Then first is it possible to conduct a Socio-Economic evaluation. The steps of an evaluation is shown in the following flowchart:


Main methods of analysis

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA)
  • Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA)

Methods for valuation of effects

  • Travel Cost Method (TCM)
  • Hedonic Pricing Method (HPM)
  • Contingent Valuation Method (CVM)
  • Production Factor Method (PFM)
  • Prevention Cost Method (PCM)
  • Shadow Project Method (SPM)
  • Benefit Transfer Method (BTM)


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Guideline and Case-studies available on Messina project website

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