The use of the concept of Marine Biological Valuation, Conclusions

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  • Marine biological valuation provides a comprehensive concept for assessing the intrinsic value of the subzones within a study area. Marine biological valuation is not a strategy for protecting all habitats and marine communities that have some ecological significance, but is a tool for calling attention to subzones that have particularly high ecological or biological significance and to facilitate provision of a greater-than-usual degree of risk aversion in spatial planning activities in these subzones.
  • Based on a thorough review of existing criteria, a selection of criteria (first order criteria: aggregation, rarity and fitness consequences; modifying criteria: naturalness and proportional importance) was rationalized, aiming at a widely applicable valuation concept. We have also attempted to clarify the numerous criteria and definitions of value that are current in the literature.
  • As this biological valuation concept is based on the consensus reached by a group of experts on this matter, we realize that refinement of the methodology could be necessary once it has been evaluated on the basis of case study areas.


These paragraphs are based on the paper of Derous et al. (2007). A concept for biological valuation in the marine environment. Oceanologia 49 (1).