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The First ENCORA Thematic Workshop took place in Valencia, Spain from the 29th of November to the 1st of December. More than one hundred experts from different disciplines related to the coast and its management and from all over Europe participated in the event.

At the Start Conference participants at each of the 10 Thematic Workshops discussed the outline and content of the Coastal Wiki and identified possible overlaps with the rest of the ENCORA themes. They also agreed about the main initial contributions and potential authors.

Aim of the Workshop

The aim of the first ENCORA Thematic Workshop at Valencia was to establish a network of experts that contributed to a first version of the Coastal Wiki - a living document, which will afterwards be continuously improved, complemented and updated by any expert user of the directory.

This Coastal Wiki aspires to become a major reference document for coastal scientists, practitioners and policymakers in Europe (and worldwide). It will provide exposure to the contributors and widen the access to expertise existing in their organisations and countries.

General Workplan

The meeting began with a plenary session with invited speakers from the EC to discuss the Seventh Framework Programme and the European Maritime Policy and their significance for the coastal communities, followed by a panel disscusion on the user requirements that the coastal WIKI should contemplate.

Experts from each thematic networks got together for almost 2 days to work on the most appropriate outline and contents of the Coastal Wiki for their respective coastal related science fields.

The workshop ended with a grap up session with the summary of the three days – main achievements, potential issues and future steps.

Theme 10 Workshop

The theme 10 workshop was attended by 26 experts from 10 different countries. The presentations from 4 renowned experts in the field helped to identify the key issues that were discussed during the workshop. Finally, a general structure (based on a flowchart) of the ‘SoA of Capacity Building for ICZM in Europe’ along with a list of potential articles and possible authors for each of the sections of the SoA structure was agreed among all workshop participants.

The main material and outputs from the Theme 10 Workshop at Valencia 06 included:

  • The workshop programme (including the list of participants);
  • The presentations from the 4 key speakers;
  • A presentation including the main results from the discussions; and
  • The tentative list of articles and possible authors.

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