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Theme 8 : New sustainable coastal engineering techniques.
Theme 8 - New sustainable coastal engineering techniques.

ENCORA is a Coordinated Action project under the European 6th Framework Programme for Research and Development. The project aims at establishing a European network structure with new mechanisms for communication on shared problems within and between the communities of coastal science, policy and practice.

Theme 8 within the ENCORA project deals (amongst others) with the issue of coastline retreat. This is often due to erosion, a major issue for coastal managers and planners along many parts of world's coasts. The theme integrates research and disseminates knowledge on Sustainable Coastal Engineering Techniques across the European countries. Theme 8 aims to develop in cooperation with the partners a guideline, based on best practice, of how to use coastal engineering techniques to resolve real life coastal protection problems. Sustainable solutions, which fulfil the (clearly to be defined) requirements, now and in future, are to be raised. Innovative techniques are fully taken into account.

This is a list of articles written by participants of the Thematic Network on New sustainable coastal engineering techniques.

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