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Theme 9 - Assessment of field observation techniques.

ENCORA is a Coordinated Action project under the European 6th Framework Programme for Research and Development. The project aims at establishing a European network structure with new mechanisms for communication on shared problems within and between the communities of coastal science, policy and practice.

Within the ENCORA project the objectives of Theme 9 are to:

  • stimulate the development and application of emerging methodologies for field observation techniques and monitoring of coastal zones;
  • identify key observation techniques for future collaborative research projects;
  • promote the application of the State-of-the-Art observational techniques to a range of demonstration field sites across Europe;
  • promote the dissemination of good practice guidelines across Europe, e.g. HIMOM, NOKIS; case studies from European countries;
  • intertwine existing research and projects in development to promote the development of new observational techniques for the application in coastal and estuarial systems;
  • identify, enhance, evaluate and provide access to data bases, e.g. NOKIS, coastDat, and others.

Below is a list of articles written by participants of the Thematic Network on Assessment of field observation techniques.

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