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Introducing the Theme 10 Network

Theme 10 and ENCORA: a Capacity Building effort

The EU Coordination Action ENCORA from the Sixth Framework Programme (6FP) was launched in the beginning of 2006, with the following objectives:

  • To overcome fragmentation of knowledge among coastal and marine institutions in Europe;
  • To facilitate sharing of knowledge and experience among science, practice and policy; and
  • To promote transfer of knowledge among disciplines.

To realise these objectives, ENCORA opted for a bottom-up approach based on the establishment of a network of networks as a basic cooperation structure. ENCORA coordinates 15 national/regional coastal networks in 18 EU and non-EU countries and 10 trans-national thematic networks on specific coastal management issues.

The 10 Thematic Networks created within ENCORA have the following objectives:

  • To create contacts and occasions to exchange knowledge and experience among coastal zone experts, including researchers as well as practitioners in order to fill information gaps, and create communities of practice through expressed shared interest in collaboration; and
  • To contribute to a State of the Art (SoA) report and a European Action Plan (EAP) on ICZM throughout Europe.

Capacity Building was chosen as one of the 10 priority theme areas for the implementation of the Integrated approach to Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in Europe: Theme 10 network was created as a result.

The Environmental Hydraulics Institute "IH Cantabria" in Spain, was entrusted to be the leader of the Thematic Coastal Network 10 entitled Capacity Building, Education and Training for ICZM in Europe.

ENCORA, as an effort to provide a framework for sustainable networking services within and among the communities of coastal and marine science, policy and practice, to better share knowledge and experiences throughout Europe, can be seen as an ICZM Capacity Building platform in itself.

Aim, Deliverables and Activities

The aim of the ENCORA Thematic Network 10 on Capacity Building, Education and Training for ICZM in Europe is: `

To enhance both 'human' and 'institutional' Capacity Building efforts across Europe, in support of current or future implementation of ICZM initiatives

Cooperation, collaboration and communication among coastal educators/trainers and practitioners is at the core of this network. To this end, the coordinators of Theme 10 created a Europe-wide network of experts on Capacity Building for ICZM.

The main project deliverables of the Thematic Network 10 are:

All these deliverables resulted from the consultation and direct participation of a number of selected experts of the thematic network (see Figure 1).

The activities included:

Figure 1: Interrelations between Theme 10 activities and outputs.
  • A survey consisting of an on-line questionnaire-based investigation addressed to academic institutions and international organisations involved in coastal education and training from a representative set of European countries; and
  • The organization of two expert workshops, namely:
    • Valencia, Spain –November 2006: for the development of the State of the Art (SoA) report in the Coastal Wiki platform (see also 1st ENCORA Thematic Workshop)
    • Paris, France –December 2007: for the development of the European Action Plan (EAP) on Capacity Building for ICZM (see also 2nd ENCORA Thematic Workshop)

Main Activities

Within this section, the Theme 10 Main Activities are introduced.

SoA report in Wiki format

After consultation with the European Commission, the SoA report will take an on-line and sustainable "wiki" media format: a new web technology that provides an environment in which contributors are dynamically posting information and collaborating.

The Coastal WIKI is understood as an on-going inventory of existing coastal and marine knowledge and practices with the input from a wide community of scientists, practitioners and policymakers. It encompasses and interlinks the work of the 10 thematic networks of ENCORA. The reasons for developing the Coastal Wiki are discussed in more detail in Coastal_Wiki:Why, What_and_for Whom?

The SoA report is being produced in the form of a directory, describing the state of knowledge and practice in general terms with references to: contacts, institutions websites, documents, and databases where more specific knowledge can be found.

We encourage you to participate in this initiative and contribute in determining the SoA on Capacity Building for ICZM in Europe by writing an article on one of the issues proposed based on your knowledge and experience in the field.

Call for assistance!

Many of the activities proposed by the Theme 10 network rely on the participation of the actors involved in the field. Within this front page of the Theme 10 Coastal WIKI, we introduce the work being done by this network in order to encourage your participation.

As experts on Capacity Building, Training and Education of your respective countries, we ask for your assistance to develop such a necessary network and to carry out the proposed activities successfully.

In this regard, we request your contribution in the following matters:

  • Assist us in the promotion of the network by inviting your colleagues working in or interested in the field of Capacity Building in your country (those professionals that are involved in training and educational programmes in your country) to join us through your National Coordination Office.
  • Contribute to the State of the Art report on Capacity Building, Training and Education for ICZM in Europe by writing a wiki article on your expertise field;

Note: If you have not yet an editing authorisation we ask you to send your contribution (new article, revision/update of existing article, revision/update of your course details or link) and your contact details to your National Network coordinator. You will be registered in the ENCORA Contact Database and you will receive an editing authorisation, eventually with some additional instructions. Read the Coastal Wiki Rules and Excellent article before starting to write your contribution.

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