PEGASO workshop 3 and 4 - modelling and exploring

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Workshop 3 and 4 - modelling and exploring


These workshops aim at “modeling and exploring” (scenario building) the trends and the alternatives regarding the future of the area. The prospective and scenario methods allow to clarifying present actions and building scenarios in the light of the past trends as well as possible alternatives. Diagrammatic representation of indicators compared to the band of equilibrium provides a visual image of the “sustainability” of the area and of its possible futures.

Methods / Tools

  • Scenarios making
  • Radial diagrams (AMOEBA)
  • Prospective analysis
  • SWOT and “what if” Analysis
  • Actives listening: to ensure that participants are effectively “hearing” each other
  • Logical framework: a four by four matrix for organising the main themes of a project


  1. Report from the 3rd Workshop, 3rd April 2007
  2. Report on the 3rd SPSA Workshop in Slovenia, 6th – 7th, April 2005
    Report on the 4th 'Imagine' Workshop, 22nd – 23rd May, 2005
  3. Report on the 3rd SPSA Workshop in Algiers, 12th – 13th, October 2003
    Report on the 4rd SPSA Workshop in Algiers, 16th – 17th, May 2004
  4. Workshop III, 28th – 29th May, 2003, CAMP Lebanon
    Workshop IV (Final Workshop), 13th-14th August 2003, CAMP Lebanon
  5. Report on the 3rd Training Workshop on the Systemic Sustainability Analysis within CAMP « Malta », 2nd – 4th October 2000
    Report on the Fourth Training Workshop on the Systemic Sustainability Analysis within CAMP « Malta », 5th – 7th February 2001


  1. “A practitioner’s guide to “Imagine” – the Systemic and Prospective Sustainability Analysis”
  2. IMAGINE : A set of tools and methods to assist integrated coastal zone management in the Mediterranean

See also

  1. IMAGINE methodology – The Systemic and Prospective Sustainability Analysis
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