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AMBER - Towards an Ecosystem Approach to Management in the Baltic Sea
BALTEX –-- The Baltic sea experiment. A GEWEX continental scale experiment to improve understanding of mechanisms and processes determining water and energy cycles between and within the components of our climate system.
Coastlink Storstrøm project --- Storstrøm County, Southern Danish Archipelago.
COASTMAN --- Coastal Zone Management in the Baltic Sea Region. Investigates interactions between environmental conservation, conflict management and sustainable development in coastal zones of Baltic Sea.
ComCoast --- A European project that develops and demonstrates innovative solutions for flood protection in coastal areas.
COMRISK --- A common project of North Sea Region coastal defence authorities aimed at improved risk management for coastal flood prone areas.
CONSCIENCE --- Concepts and Science for Coastal Erosion Management. To develop and test justified guidelines, concepts and methods to implement sustainable coastal erosion management for European coasts.
CONWOY --- Consequences of weather and climate changes for marine and freshwater ecosystems - Conceptual and operational forecasting of the aquatic environment. Investigates what effect climatic changes will have on the ecology of aquatic systems in and around Denmark.
COSA --- Coastal Sands as Biocatalytical Filters. Addresses the role of sands in the cycles of matter and is designed to improve sustainable use of coastal sandy sea floors.
ECONET-Cohast--- ECOlogical NETwork for the promotion of convergent conservation strategies in COastal HAbitatS of CommuniTy significance. The aim of the project is to promote convergent conservation strategies at landscape scale for coastal habitats of Community significance. An ecological network of stakeholders and a knowledge base on impact assessment for coastal habitats will be established, which will support capacity building and policy actions throughout the region... (more information.)
ELOISE PROJECTS - A database of ELOISE Nutrient Dynamics in European Water Systems projects
EMPAS --- Environmentally Sound Fishery Management in Protected Areas.
EU - Projects at GKSS (DE) --- An overview of recent EU projects
EUROLIMPACS --- Integrated project to evaluate impacts of global change on European freshwater ecosystems.
EVALUWET –-- European Valuation and Assessment tools sUpporting Wetland Ecosystem legislation. Aims to produce instruments that will contribute tools to evaluation of wetlands, in ecological, functional, economic and social terms.
HARBASINS --- Harmonised River Basins Strategies North Sea (INTERREG IIIB).
MarPace --- Marine Propagation Along the Coasts of Europe (part of MarBef project).
IMCORE --- Innovative Management for Europe’s Changing Coastal Resource (INTERREG IVB).
MESH –-- Mapping European Seabed Habitats – Development of a framework in mapping seabed habitats.
MINOS and MINOS-plus --- Marine warm-blooded animals in the North and Baltic Seas: Foundations for assessment of offshore wind farms.
MODELKEY --- Comprises a multidisciplinary approach aiming at developing interlinked and verified predictive modelling tools as well as state-of-the-art effect-assessment and analytical methods generally applicable to European freshwater and marine ecosystems.
NAME --- Nitrate in Aquifers and influences on carbon cycling in Marine Ecosystems - a new research project on the influences on marine ecosystems from nitrate bearing groundwater reaching into the marine environment.
PROTECT --- Marine Protected Areas as a Tool for Ecosystem Conservation and Fisheries Management.
SPICOSA --- Science Policy Interface for Coastal Systems Assessment. Develop a Systems-Analysis Framework that generates Decision-Support Tools for integrated ecological, social and economic assessments need for policies for sustainability of coastal zone systems.

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