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Review by François Hissel

General remarks

The content is correct and up to date from a technical point of view. The language is good.

The article is well suited for the Coastal wiki as it addresses a very general and relevant topic in a synthetic way. Ballast water is a very topical issue, which is addressed both by scientists in research projects, policy makers who have to establish rules to avoid pollution, and shipping companies which activity depends on those practices.


However, the article is very short and could take advantage of a more comprehensive description of ballast water, its uses (and why it is needed for the navigation) and the threats it may cause, with examples of real problems and a list of invasive species that can be brought by such practices. For the moment, it is mainly a detailed definition.

Moreover, one of the main advantages of the Coastal Wiki is the ability to create links between articles for further reference and side topics. This article could for example link to the following contents :

Some pictures and schemes could also make it easier to read it.


I would suggest the following outline:

  • definition
  • mechanical aspects of ballast water and the way it is used during the trip of a ship
    • stability of ship
    • ship operations
  • pollution problems that arises from their use
    • list of invasive species
    • effects on ecosystems and health
    • real-life examples
  • policies and regulation
    • national regulations
    • international convention