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General remark

This contribution synthesises the effects on sediment transport distribution induced by hard defence schemes. The presentation is clear and concise.

Comments and suggested improvements

The purpose of this contribution has to be better clarified either in the text or in the title. Based on the present title, one may expect a more applicative contribution including schemes of typical layouts of hard structures and their consequences on the sediment transport patterns. The focus of this contribution instead is on making consideration about the performance of a non specified defence scheme looking at different sediment transport distributions at a given coastal stretch. Since the discussion is based on the scheme reported in Figure 1, this scheme should be well clarified as soon as the Figure is introduced, by including the explanation of all the variables (S for instance is undefined) and of the lines represented in the diagram.

Overall I would welcome to add sketches of few layouts that may lead to the consequences on sediment transport sketched in Figure 1 (for instance, a typical defence layout for each distribution).