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Review by Job Dronkers (January 2013)

Since the publication of the Blue Book, the European Commission has given further substance to the European Integrated Maritime Policy with the following initiatives:

  • The Commission is working on common principles for maritime spatial planning and integrated coastal zone management, to ensure that national, regional and local maritime spatial plans are coherent;
  • The Marine Knowledge 2020 strategy, centered around the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet), a network of marine organisations that provides a single entry point for accessing and retrieving marine data derived from observations, surveys or samples from the hundreds of databases maintained on behalf of agencies, public authorities, research institutions and universities throughout the EU;
  • A Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) that will integrate existing surveillance systems and networks and give all concerned authorities access to the information they need for their missions at sea;
  • "Blue growth", a long-term strategy to support growth of maritime activities with high growth potential, such as “blue energy”, aquaculture, maritime, coastal and cruise tourism, marine mineral resources and blue biotechnology (cosmetics, drugs, biofuel from marine organisms), by removing administrative barriers, fostering investment in research and innovation and promoting skills through education and training.

Comprehensive information is provided on the EU Maritime Policy website