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Definition specific to Cirripedia  +
Definition requires input.  +
Definition may need revision to capture species where 'adult' is ambiguous, e.g. macroalgae where the term 'dominant life stage' might be more relevant.  +
Definition (and value definitions) require input from taxonomic experts - sea bird group.  +
Definition requires input - need to decide on standard format - record of distance is minimum, maximum or average.  +
Definition specific to Holothuoidea  +
Definition specific to Echinoidea  +
Definition requires input - need to decide on standard format - record if size is minimum, maximum or average.  +
Definition requires input - included to capture height above chart datum (C.D.) (or normal water surface of lake or river) especially for eulittoral and supralittoral species, freshwater, river and lake dwelling and even terrestrial species (birds, amphibians etc.). Note an organism that is found at a depth of 10-20 m in a freshwater mountain lake would have this attribute recorded under depth range, not elevation, evne if the lake itself was at over 1000m above C.D..  +
Definition from: Hiscock, K. (ed.), 1996. Marine Nature Conservation Review: rationale and methods. Peterborough: Joint Nature Conservation Committee. [Coasts and seas of the United Kingdom. MNCR series.]  +
Definition specific to Scyphozoa  +
Definition requires input - need to decide a standard format - some species Max. no. 1,2,... to 10, 12 in which case we record the Max. no., but other species fecundity is measured in the millions, so no point recording 1,000,001.  +
Note ''in stricto'' this term relates to the physical location in which the gametes meet and fuse (or inseminate). It does not assume that the gametic nuclei subsequently fuse, or that one of the haploid components is lost/deactivated. The split between 'external' and 'internal' fertilization requires specialist input.  +
Traits term needs rewording  +
Definition specific to species of freshwater mussels of the families Unionidae and Margaritiferidae.  +
Definition specific to Platyhelminthes  +
Lawrence, E. (ed.) (2005) Henderson's dictionary of Biology (13th edition). London, United Kingdom: Pearson Education Limited.  +
Definition requires specialist input - plus a citable reference  +
Definition needs specialist input  +
Hard substratum is divided into immobile hard (e.g. bedrock) and mobile hard (e.g. pebbles) that can be moved by strong wave action  +