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Administrative Port: Hastings
County: Kent
Population: 40,515

Ramsgate is a seaside town in Kent, England. It was one of the great English seaside towns of the 19th century and is a member of the ancient confederation of Cinque Ports. Ramsgate’s main attraction is its coastline and its main industries are tourism and fishing. The town has one of the largest marinas on the English south coast and the Port of Ramsgate has provided cross-channel ferries for many years.[1]


Picture: Fishing boats in Ramsgate (Author: GIFS Researcher Photography)

Municipal Angling Contest At Ramsgate (1937)

Video: Municipal Angling Contest At Ramsgate (1937). "Mayor of Margate, Deputy Mayor of Ramsgate and a Councillor from Broadstairs walking along the road with fishing rods in their arms. They are contestants in municipal angling competition organised at Ramsgate"

Background information
Fishing Fleet Vessel type 1 32
Fishing Fleet Vessel type 2 0
Fishing Fleet Vessel type 3
Fishing Fleet Vessels total 32 [2]
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Demersal (tonnes)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Pelagic (tonnes)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Shellfish (tonnes)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Main species (tonnes)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) All species (tonnes)
Landings Values Demersal
Landings Values Pelagic
Landings Values Shellfish
Landings Values All species
Landings Number of fishermen Number of fishermen (Regular)
Landings Number of fishermen Number of fishermen (Part-time)
Landings Number of fishermen Number of fishermen Total
Landings Major fish species
Landings Landing points
Landings Location of auctions
Governance and organisation Governance Kent & Essex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA), Paragon House, Albert Street, Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 9HD
Governance and organisation FLAG
Governance and organisation Location of fishermen's organisations -Ramsgate Fishermen's Association
-Thanet Fishermen's Association
Branding Brand labels
Fish as food Fish selling Fishmongers: Ahoy Fishmongers, 56 Queen Street, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 9EE
Fish as food Fish processing Z.V.Thanet Fish, Unit 3 Military Rd, Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 9LG
Fish as food Restaurants/hotels Newington Fish Bar, 55 Newington Road, Ramsgate, Kent, CT12 6EW
Tourism & Education Tourism & Fishing Kent Charter Fishing, Royal Harbour, Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 8LS
Tourism & Education Festivals Easter Festival of Fish
Tourism & Education Fishing museums Ramsgate Maritime Museum, The Clock House, Pier Yard, Royal Harbour, Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 8LS
Tourism & Education Aquariums
Tourism & Education Monuments Sailor's Church, Ramsgate 9memorial to lost fishermen) -
Tourism&Education Fishing training School

Vessel type 1: <10 m vessels
Vessel type 2: >10 m vessels