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Definition of Reef:
Reefs are defined structures in the marine environment that arise from the seabed and cover an extensive area[1]. Or as hard mineral substrates such as rocks, till, or stones, primarily moraine ridges with block and stone cover in gravel/sandy surroundings, which rise mildly to prominently above the seafloor;[2].
  • biogenic hard substrates such as honeycomb (Sabellaria) reefs and mussel banks are present;
  • they are permanently submerged;
  • often they are overgrown with mussels and a characteristic macrofauna.

Reefs can be both natural and artificial in origin[3].

Reefs have a number of ecological functions:[2]

  • feeding grounds for birds and marine mammals;
  • habitat and retreat;
  • habitat and nursery area with high species diversity;
  • spawning grounds and feeding ground for fish;
  • stepping-stone and regeneration reservoir for the expansion of benthic organisms.
This is the common definition for Reef, other definitions can be discussed in the article