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Facts about "Impact"
CollectionTraits:Species Importance To Society +
Concept typeProperty +
DefinitionInformation on the impact of introduced an
Information on the impact of introduced and invasive marine species has been recorded. These include impacts on native species, their habitats and ecosystems, human health and activity, transmission of diseases, etc. Descriptive terms of impacts were standardized and listed in a look-up table. These terms have been adapted from Hayes (2005).
terms have been adapted from Hayes (2005). +
Has valueTraits:Adverse habitat modification +, Traits:Alters bio-geochemical/hydrologic cycles +, Traits:Alters trophic interactions +, Traits:Aquatic transport +, Traits:Consumes native species (predator or herbivore) +, Traits:Damage to marine structures or archaeology +, Traits:Genetic impacts: hybridisation and introgression +, Traits:Induces novel behavioural or eco-physiological responses +, Traits:Loss of aquaculture/commercial/recreational harvest or gain +, Traits:Loss of public/tourist amenity +, Traits:Other impact - undefined or uncertain +, Traits:Outcompetes native species for resources and/or space +, Traits:Pathogen/parasite or carrier of a pathogen/parasite +, Traits:Human health + and Traits:Water abstraction or nuisance fouling +
Is trait ofTraits:Introduced Species Catalog +
LabelImpact +
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