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Background information: Overview all countries

The table below shows all properties that are given under "Background information". The numbers correspond to the numbers of pages in which the property is present. Click on the property to see a list of ports in which the property is present.

Property Number of pages
Vessel type 1 258
Vessel type 2 257
Vessel type 3 130
Vessels total 257
Landings Demersal 4
Landings Pelagic 4
Main species 18
Landings shellfish 4
Landings all species 22
Value demersal 4
Value pelagic 4
Value shellfish 4
Value all species 24
Fishermen regular 6
Fishermen part-time 6
Fishermen total 6
Major fish species 4
Landing points 38
Location auctions 32
Governance 44
Location of fishermen's organisations 189
Brand labels 5
Fish selling 142
Fish processing 66
Restaurants 108
Tourism&Fishing 92
Festivals 90
Fishing museums 79
Aquariums 33
Monuments 51
Fishing training school 16


Vessel type 1: <10 m vessels
Vessel type 2: >10 m vessels


Vessel type 1= Coastal fishing vessels: Vessels which spend more than 75% of their time in the 12 nm zone.
Vessel type 2= Coastal/high sea vessels: Fishing vessels that fish 25% -75% of their time in the 12 nm zone.
Vessel type 3= High sea vessels: vessels that fish more than 75% of their time outside the coastal zone. These vessels fish offshore the French coast but are in some cases active in the coastal zone of other countries.

The Netherlands:

Vessel type 1= Vessels used for inshore fishing
Vessel type 2= Vessels used for high sea fishing
(definition inshore fishing vessels: length <24m, capacity <221kW)


Vessel type 1= In Belgium, the legal definition of inshore/coastal fleet from February 2006 onwards is all fishing vessels that have an engine power of 221 kW or less, including any additional power and a tonnage of no more than 70 GT and that undertake trips with a maximum period determined by the Minister (currently 48 hours). Vessel owners need to actively register to be included in the coastal fleet. (Source:;
Vessel type 2= High sea vessels