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The mstCollection form allows users to quickly create or edit Marine Species Traits pages.

A collection is a way of grouping traits of certain similar characteristic.To create a new marine species collection you need to type the name of the page where the collection will be stored into the mstcollection form. Marinespecies traits pages always need to contain the prefix Traits:, and will be followed by a suffix which will also be used to create the URI of the collection. When typing in the pagename of an existing collection/concept the autocomplete will list existing pages. It is recommended not to use interpunction or spaces in the suffix of the pagename.

Creating or editing a concept

Text fields

3 text fields are available to store text:

Label Contains the preferred English label of the description. The content for in this field is also used to create the URI in The content in this field should be plain text and can not contain any markup.
Description The description of the collection. The content in this field should be plain text and can not contain any markup.
Input text Can contain additional text you would would like to have shown on the page of the collection. It will not be included in any output forms. The content in this field can contain any commonly used wiki markup.


As a collection by definition is the top hierarchical level it can only contain a top down "has value" relation with concepts. To add a relation press the "add another relation" button and select the appropriate relation. Type the name of the page to which the relation applies in the field "internal page". you can add as many relations as required.

Built in functions

  • After pressing safe all relations of the collection will be listed in the facts box bellow.)
  • The fact box also contains the URI which is based on the label you provided.
  • A collection tree will be added of all concepts which are linked to the collection