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Act of Parliament of Republic of Poland

of 28th March 2003

on establishment of long term ‘Coastal Protection Program’

(Statute Book of 18th Apr. 2003)

Article 1.

  1. It is hereby declared the establishment of the Coastal Protection Program, (the ‘Program’), which includes undertakings aimed at the protection of sea coast against erosion.
  2. The Program is a long term program as understood by Article 80 of Public Finances Act of Parliament of 26th Nov. 1998 (Statute Book of 2003 No. 15 item 148, No 45 item 391 and No. 65 item 594). It will be implemented between 2004-2023.

Article 2. The Program includes tasks related to:

  1. construction, extension and maintenance of the flood protection system of coastal areas, including repair of damages of this system;
  2. provisions for stabilization of shoreline position according to configuration in year 2000 and prevention of beach loss;
  3. monitoring of sea coast and actions, work and research on the determination of actual condition of sea coast in order to indicate necessary and indispensable measures aimed at the rescue of sea coast.

Article 3.

  1. The Program shall be supervised by the Minister in charge of maritime economy.
  2. The Program shall be implemented by Directors of Maritime Offices.

Article 4.

  1. The Program shall be financed by the Government and non-governmental sources and the total expenditure on the Program during the whole time of implementation shall amount to PLN 911.000.000.
  2. The planned contribution of the Government to the Program for the implementation of Program tasks shall not be less than PLN 25.550.000 per annum.
  3. The sums determined in sections 1 and 2 are established in prices of year 2001and shall be re-calculated by inflation index to prices for the year of implementation of Program tasks.

Article. 5. The planned detailed expenditures on implementation of the Program tasks, as given in Article 2, and detailed task index is listed in the Appendix.

Article. 6. The Minister in charge of maritime economy shall present to the Parliament, no later than until 31st March, the annual information on implementation of the Program tasks in the previous year and on the schedule of tasks in the next year.

Article. 7. The Act comes into force 14 days after the day of public announcement.



(2001 PRICES)


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