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THESEUS will develop a systematic approach to deliver a low-risk coast for human use and healthy habitats. It is essential that all work under the THESEUS project contributes directly towards practical defence planning to provide protection to inhabitants, infrastructures and economic activities. To contribute in an effective way towards development and implementation of improved flood risk management and mitigation, eight relevant study sites throughout Europe have been identified. This Portal, embedded in the Coastal and Marine Wiki, will include information gathered at the studysites and is updated by the THESEUS project partners.


THESEUS Study Sites

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THESEUS Study Site Metadata

A metadata catalogue listing relevant datasets availble at the 8 studysites has been developed by HZG.


Coastal defenses and techniques

An overview of the innovative hard and soft Coastal technologies or strategies for resilient or safer coasts for mitigation of flooding and coastal erosion hazard which are being developed within the Work Package 2 of the THESEUS project.


THESEUS Software