Structural erosion

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Definition of Structural coastal erosion, also called 'ongoing coastal erosion':
Structural erosion is long-term erosion of a stretch of coast. Gradual losses of sediment with time occur in separate cross-sectional profiles.
This is the common definition for Structural coastal erosion, also called 'ongoing coastal erosion', other definitions can be discussed in the article

Structural coastal erosion should be distinguished from temporal coastal erosion, such as dune erosion. For an explanation of different types of coastal erosion, see Natural causes of coastal erosion and Dealing with coastal erosion.

The article Human causes of coastal erosion provides an overview of the different impacts of hard structures on the structural erosion of a stretch of coast. More information on man-induced coastal erosion can also be found in:

Some examples of structural erosion are given in the article Typical examples of structural erosion.

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