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The alternation of generations, in the life cycle of an organism, that exhibit different modes of reproduction; typically sexual (diploid) and asexual (haploid) phases. Also termed metagenesis (Lincoln ''et al.'', 1998) (e.g. ''Daphnia'', some rotifers)  +
Where the species alters the nature of chemical or water cycles.  +
Where the species alters food web dynamics.  +
Sedentary or sessile predators, that wait for prey to come to them, and may or may not use a final pounce, traps or lures (e.g. sea anemones, large hydroids, spiders)  +
calcium carbonate that lacks a crystalline structure, or whose internal is so irregular that there is no characteristic external form. The term does not preclude the existence of any degree of order (Derived from Neuendorf et al. 2005)  +
A poriferan larva, composed of a hollow ball of cells, with one hemisphere ciliated (Ruppert & Barnes, 1994).  +
Coastal salt water habitats with no surface connection to the sea.  +
E.g. ''Ceratium'' spp.  +
Having flagellate gametes of different size, shape or behaviour (from Bold, 1977 and Lincoln ''et al.'', 1998).  +
Breeds every year but in one or more discrete periods initiated by some trigger (for example a lunar cycle).  +
Breeds every year over an extended or drawn out period.  +
Reproduction via single cells /eggs that are derived by mitosis (Barnes ''et al.'', 1993) - amictic.  +
Swimming is effected one or more pairs of appendages (legs or paddles) e.g. the pleiopods of Isopod, Amphipod or Decapod crustaceans, or the legs of amphibious vertebrates.  +
Alien and potentially invasive species that have accidentally escaped from containment/ aquaculture facility into the wild.  +
Alien and potentially invasive species that have been intentionally introduced for aquaculture.  +
Where the species alters boat traffic or impedes ability of boats to navigate waterways.  +
a crystalline form of calcium carbonate, e.g. one of the constituents of mollusc shells.  +
Having the shape or characteristics of a tree.  +
Specialist - sea urchins  +
Traits that describe specialized limbs or appendages used to catch or process food items.  +