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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Definition" with value "Breeds every year over an extended or drawn out period.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Traits:Stellate  + (Arranged like a star.)
  • Traits:Vegetative  + (Asexual reproduction via somatic growth processes, fragmentation, fission, or budding (adapted from Lincoln ''et al.'', 1998))
  • Traits:AdultBody  + (Attached or stuck to adult but not held in specialised appendage / receptacle)
  • Traits:HardSubstrata  + (Attached or stuck to hard substrata, e.g. dog whelk capsules)
  • Traits:Vegetation  + (Attached or stuck to vegetation, e.g. opistobranchs, mermaid purses, cephalopod eggs etc.)
  • Traits:AttachedSediment  + (Attached to the sediment surface e.g. by mucilagenous sheath such as used by necklace shells, and opistobranchs)
  • Traits:MutualistMutualism  + (A symbiosis in which both organisms benefit; frequently a relationship of complete dependence. (Lincoln ''et al.'', 1998) (cf.symbiosis, commensalism, parasite).)
  • Traits:BullateSaccate  + (Balloon or sac-like (Prescott, 1969).)
  • Traits:MidEulittoral  + (Barnacle - limpet dominated, sometimes mussels, with ''Fucus vesiculosus'' and ''Ascophyllum nodosum. Mastocarpus stellatus'' and ''Palmaria palmata'' patchy in lower part. Usually quite a wide belt (Hiscock, 1996).)
  • Traits:UpperEulittoral  + (Barnacles and limpets present in quantity with ''Fucus vesiculosus'' and ''Ascophyllum'' although often this belt has only sparse algal cover compared with the lower eulittoral (Hiscock, 1996).)
  • Traits:Tolerance  + (Based on AMBI)
  • Traits:Foliose  + (Bearing leaves or leaf-like structures; having the appearance of a leaf.)
  • Traits:Infaunal  + (Benthic animals which live within the seabed.)
  • Traits:Hovering  + (Bird/insect specific)
  • Traits:QuantitativeBodySize  + (Body size measured in numerical values.)
  • Traits:QualitativeBodySize  + (Body size measured in terms of mega, macro, meio/meso and micro.)
  • Traits:Broadcast  + (Both gametes are expelled (spawned) from the confines of the adult body or tissues, into the external fluid medium (water/air))
  • Traits:HaploidDiploid  + (Both haploid and diploid forms, with gametophytes giving rise to haploid gametes, and sporophytes giving rise to haploid spores by meiosis)
  • Traits:Monoecious  + (Both male and female reproductive organs in a single individual (animals) or flower (plants) (Lincoln ''et al.'', 1998).)
  • Traits:PinnateBranching  + (Branched tentacles, used as filtration mechanism)
  • Traits:Dendroid  + (Branching irregularly – similar to that of a root system (Prescott, 1969).)
  • Traits:Pinnate  + (Branching like a feather – an elongate main axis with lateral branches or lobes (Prescott, 1969).)
  • Traits:Semelparous  + (Breeding once per lifetime, or breeding only once then dying (Barnes ''et al.'', 2006). Organisms that only have one brood during their lifetime (Lincoln ''et al.'', 1998).)
  • Traits:BiannualEpisodic  + (Breeds every second year but in one or more discrete periods initiated by some trigger (for example a lunar cycle).)
  • Traits:AnnualEpisodic  + (Breeds every year but in one or more discrete periods initiated by some trigger (for example a lunar cycle).)