The ICZM Process - a Roadmap towards Coastal Sustainability - Realising the Vision

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Analysis and Futures  

Setting the Vision  

Designing the Future  

Realising the Vision  


ICZM Process diagram/EstablishmentICZM Process diagram/Analysis and FutureICZM Process diagram/Setting the visionICZM Process diagram/Designing the FutureICZM Process diagram/Realizing the VisionICZM pegaso 3 6.png
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This is the critical stage in the Process where policy design shifts to the facilitation of change. ICZM strategies, plans or programmes for coastal areas will deploy a combination of policy instruments, management processes and actions. The strength of ICZM is its flexibility, adaptability to local circumstances, and operability across a range of sectors and issues, and with a representative governance structure.

Key tasks

  1. Implementation – implementing legal, economic and spatial instruments and management process.
  2. Actions – awareness raising, partnerships, financing and investment.
  3. Monitoring and Review - constant feedback into the review of the strategy, plan or programme and its action plan.

The implementation programme should have a clear work plan, be embedded into supporting funding programmes, achieving maximum “gearing” through multiple sponsors. The ICZM Steering Group and implementation team, or those bodies charged with delivery, should be in place and functional.

Outputs and their subsequent outcomes should now be visible and, where possible, monitored as part of the monitoring and review process. Raising and maintaining public awareness will be an ongoing activity.

Potential Outputs

A review on an agreed timescale. This may include proposal for a feedback to the process in the form of a revision, if deemed necessary.

The cross-sectoral management or steering group with Terms of Reference and clear lines of responsibility and reporting.

Outputs as defined in the programme of implementation or its review.

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