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1) Reproduction involving the regular alte1) Reproduction involving the regular alternation of gamete formation by meiosis, and gamete fusion (karyogamy) to form a zygote (Lincoln et al.,1998). 2) Reproduction where recombination of genetic material, derived from more than one parent is possible (Barnes et al. 2006), true amphimixis involves random segregation of genes and random association of parental contribution (gametes).iation of parental contribution (gametes). +
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Sexual reproduction +
Barnes R.S.K., Calow P., Olive P.J.W., Golding, D.W, and Spicer, J.I. 2006. The invertebrates: a new synthesis, Oxford: Blackwell Science Ltd. +  and Lincoln, R., Boxshall, G. & Clark, P., 1998. A dictionary of ecology, evolution and systematics (2nd ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University of Press. +
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