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Definition specific to Hydrozoa.  +
Definition requires input. Note, in some insects the larva or juvenile stages may be longer lived than a short-lived reproductive stage (e.g. dragonflies). In flowering plants, the adult is probably the dominant and reproductive form. Under this definition, the adult stage of macroalgae may be considered to be both the sporophyte or gametophyte (as both form gametes), even though the gametophyte may be microscopic. In asexual species, reproductive capability might be considered to separate larval from adult stages.  +
Definition requires input - decide on standard approach - record if age is minimum, maximum or average.In addition the gender (m/f) should be documented.  +
Note -Alternation of generations is kept separate from 'asexual' and 'sexual' reproduction because it describes a specific reproductive type in which asexual and sexual phases occur in a defined cycle, separated by an environmental trigger.  +
Definition specific to Porifera  +
Definition requires specialist input  +
Definition specific to ascidians  +
Definition specific to Holothuroidea.  +
Note that insemination can be needed to stimulate oocyte maturation or further development of the eggs but that insemination is not the same as fertilization  +
Specific to Asteroidea  +
Definition requires input - discussion to identify the life stage of interest, and decide on the appropriate unit.  +
Specific to Asteroidea.  +
Definition requires input. Kept separate from 'burrow builder' (under Habitat modification) which refers to an organism that makes a burrow, the 'burrow dweller' uses another's burrow as its habitat or substratum.  +
Definition requires specialist input  +
Definition requires input - Record if number is minimum, maximum or average.  +
Definition specific to Hydrozoa, Cnidaria  +
Definition specific to Copepoda  +
Definition specific to Bryozoa. Description and citation required.  +
Specific to Ctenophores  +
Definition specific to Bryozoa  +