2-propenoic acid, (pentabromo)methyl ester

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Definition of 2-propenoic acid, (pentabromo)methyl ester:
2-propenoic acid, (pentabromo)methyl ester, also known as pentabromobenzyl acrylate, belongs to the group of brominated flame retardants
This is the common definition for 2-propenoic acid, (pentabromo)methyl ester, other definitions can be discussed in the article


Pentabromobenzyl acrylate

Pentabromobenzyl acrylate is a flame retardant which can polymerise. It is mostly used in textile coatings and to make plastics heat resistant[1] [2].

There is very limited knowledge on the possible harmful effects on the marine environment. It has been suggested that Pentabromobenzyl acrylate might not bioaccumulate in tissues[2][1].

Environmental standards and legislation

Included in the OSPAR list of substances of priority action