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Backcasting allows a group of people to weigh up the implications of different future options or policy goals.


  1. Define future goals and objectives, projecting 25-50 years into the future.
  2. Specify the scenario by analysing the technological and physical characteristics of a path that would lead towards the specified goals.
  3. Evaluate the scenario in terms of physical, technological and socio-economic feasibility and policy implications.
  4. Brainstorm ways this desired end-point can be achieved, working backwards to the present.


Guadalentı´n (Spain) and the Vald’Agri (Italy) workshops about the developing of local scenarios [1].


  1. To deepen your knowledge on backcasting: Quist J,, Vergragt P. Past and future of backcasting: The shift to stakeholder participation and a proposal for a methodological frameworkFutures 38 (2006) 1027–1045.
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