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Administrative Port: Manche
County: Basse-Normandie

On land occupied by the Vikings, the city was founded by a vassal of William the Conqueror in the eleventh century, and became later an old pirate fortress and defense of Mont Saint-Michel. In the nineteenth century it became a seaside resort frequented by many artists, equipped with a golf course and a racecourse. The city is homeland of the Dior family, an important family of industrialists , and absorbed in 1962 the village of Saint-Nicolas-près-Granville. The town comprises a port and the Sud-Manche airport and since 1991 the city "Douzelage" was paired with twenty European cities and its one of the few towns in France to have an insular area, Chausey.[1]

Background information
Fishing Fleet Vessel type 1 62
Fishing Fleet Vessel type 2 0
Fishing Fleet Vessel type 3 0
Fishing Fleet Vessels total 62 [2]
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Demersal (tonnes)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Pelagic (tonnes)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Shellfish (tonnes)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Main species (tonnes) waved welk (29,2%), queen scallop (22,4%), dog cockle (13,3%)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) All species (tonnes) 10666,5334
Landings Values Demersal
Landings Values Pelagic
Landings Values Shellfish
Landings Values All species 17933,5978€ [3]
Landings Number of fishermen Number of fishermen (Regular)
Landings Number of fishermen Number of fishermen (Part-time)
Landings Number of fishermen Number of fishermen Total
Landings Major fish species
Landings Landing points West quay, tidal basin
Landings Location of auctions Quai Ouest - 50400 Granville Tèl. 02 33 91 40 70 - Fax 02 33 91 40 75
Governance and organisation Governance
Governance and organisation FLAG
Governance and organisation Location of fishermen's organisations CRPMEM de Haute Normandie, 26, Quai Galliéni 76200 DIEPPE

CRPMEM du Nord/Pas de Calais/Picardie, 12, rue Solférino 62200 BOULOGNE-SUR-MER

Branding Brand labels
Fish as food Fish selling
Fish as food Fish processing
Fish as food Restaurants/hotels
Tourism & Education Tourism & Fishing Possibility to board at LA TULIPE NOIRE: inquire at the tourist office
Tourism & Education Festivals The Atonement of the sea and corporations, Festival des voiles de travail, Festival "The sea on a plate" (October), Saint-Jacques scallops day (November), cuttlefish promotion day (April)
Tourism & Education Fishing museums Musée du vieux Granville, 2 rue Lecarpentier 50400 Granville, Tèl. 02 33 91 88 39
Tourism & Education Aquariums Le roc des Harmonies, 1 Boulevard Vaufleury - 50400 Granville
Tourism & Education Monuments Statue de Pléville le Pelley, Ancien corsaire granvillais
Tourism&Education Fishing training School

Vessel type 1= Coastal fishing vessels: Vessels which spend more than 75% of their time in the 12 nm zone.
Vessel type 2= Coastal/high sea vessels: Fishing vessels that fish 25% -75% of their time in the 12 nm zone.
Vessel type 3= High sea vessels: vessels that fish more than 75% of their time outside the coastal zone. These vessels fish offshore the French coast but are in some cases active in the coastal zone of other countries.[4]


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