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Definition of Links:
Links are references to other articles or to external websites, to which the reader is directed by a mouse click. They appear in blue if the referenced article already exists in the Coastal Wiki and in red if such an article still has to be created.
This is the common definition for Links, other definitions can be discussed in the article

Links are a distinctive feature of the WIKIMEDIA software. They constitute a vary handy and powerful tool to guide the reader through a topic and to direct him to the information he is looking for.

We strongly recommend authors to browse the Coastal Wiki for articles dealing with related topics (especially articles with a more general scope) and to introduce in these articles a link to their own article. Of course such links should be added only at appropriate places, where it may help the reader to find pertinent details or to grasp the broader context.

Authors should also use the link facility in their own article to keep their article short and well focused, by using links to articles dealing with related topics or with specific details. If such articles are not available in the Coastal Wiki, authors are encouraged to produce themselves complementary articles treating of important related subjects or providing specific relevant details. It is also possible to provide additional information by creating a link to an existing external website. We recommend to consider only well-maintained high-quality websites for external linking.

Different ways to create internal and external links are explained at the help-page how to edit an article.