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Administrative Port: Plymouth
County: Devon
Population: 11184

Ilfracombe is a seaside resort on the North Devon coast, England. Until the mid-19th century Ilfracombe's economy was based around maritime activities: importing lime and coal from Wales; fishing for herring; and international trade, including to West Africa and the West Indies. Nowadays, tourism is the principal income generator along with a selection of ‘light engineering’ firms offering employment.[1]

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Background information
Fishing Fleet Vessel type 1 4
Fishing Fleet Vessel type 2 7
Fishing Fleet Vessel type 3
Fishing Fleet Vessels total 11 [2]
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Demersal (tonnes)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Pelagic (tonnes)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Shellfish (tonnes)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Main species (tonnes)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) All species (tonnes)
Landings Values Demersal
Landings Values Pelagic
Landings Values Shellfish
Landings Values All species
Landings Number of fishermen Number of fishermen (Regular)
Landings Number of fishermen Number of fishermen (Part-time)
Landings Number of fishermen Number of fishermen Total
Landings Major fish species
Landings Landing points
Landings Location of auctions
Governance and organisation Governance Ilfracombe FLAG
Governance and organisation FLAG North Devon
Governance and organisation Location of fishermen's organisations Ilfracombe Commercial Fishermen's Association
Branding Brand labels
Fish as food Fish selling Fishmonger: S & P Fish Shop, Quayfield Road, Ilfracombe, Devon, EX34 9EN
Fish as food Fish processing Walrus Fisheries, 12a Fore Street, Ilfracombe, Devon EX34 9ED
Fish as food Restaurants/hotels The Harbour Lights, 26 Broad Street, The Quay, Ilfracombe, North Devon, EX34 9BL
Tourism & Education Tourism & Fishing Ilfracombe Fish Trail
Tourism & Education Festivals The Sea Ilfracombe Maritime Festival
Tourism & Education Fishing museums Ilfracombe Museum, Wilder Road, Ilfracombe, North Devon EX34 8AF
Tourism & Education Aquariums The Ilfracombe Aquarium, The Pier, The Quay, Ilfracombe EX34 9EQ
Tourism & Education Monuments
Tourism&Education Fishing training School

Vessel type 1: <10 m vessels
Vessel type 2: >10 m vessels