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Stakeholder interviews aim to elicit detailed information and opinions on an issue through wide-ranging discussion rather than specific questioning.


  • Select interviewees according to designated criteria (areas of expertise, representation of groups, complementary of skills for committees).
  • Arrange times and places for interviewing. Better quality information will be forthcoming if the interviewee is in a familiar setting, so it may be easier for the interviewer to go to them.
  • Ensure uninterrupted time for at least one hour.
  • Check all equipment and take spare tapes, batteries, pens, etc. to avoid any interruptions during the interview.
  • Try to transcribe interview notes as soon as possible after the interview, while nuances, body language and asides are still in the interviewer’s memory.
  • Prepare a report, including the verbatim interviews, and offer copies to the interviewees.


  1. A Key stakeholder interview guide:

A specific form of stakeholder interviews is semi-structured interviewing (SSI). Please see the following link for more information on SSI:

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