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Logical Framework Matrix (Logframe)


The Logical Framework Matrix method aim to set out, by participatory consensus building, the logic of an ICZM intervention and to describe the important assumptions and risks that underlie this logic; moreover this method aims to create the basis for progress monitoring and evaluation by establishing objectively verifiable indicators and sources of verification, agreed by main stakeholders.


The Logframe is usually established by stakeholder discussions in the context of a workshop set-up. The Logframe is a planning table that consists of 4 lines for Overall Objectives, Project Purpose, Results, and Activities and 4 columns for Project Description, Objectively Verifiable Indicators, Sources of Verification, and Assumptions. The planning table is elaborated in the following way.

  1. Complete the first column for the Project Description by ensuring that the logical levels are correct:
    1. Overall Objectives: the wider sectoral or ICZM objectives to which the intervention is designed to contribute
    2. Project Purpose: the sustainable benefits to be delivered to the project beneficiaries, institutions or systems.
    3. Results: the deliverables and services to be provided by the intervention
    4. Activities: how the deliverables and services will be achieved.
  2. Identify external factors which will affect implementation and long-term sustainability but lie outside its control. State these factors as assumptions (i.e. in terms of the desired situation). Assess the relevance of the assumptions and state the relevant assumptions in the last column of the Logframe.
  3. Complete the Logframe by stating Objectively Verifiable Indicators and Sources of Verification in the columns 2 and 3 of the matrix.
  4. During implementation, use the logframe to monitor indicators and assumptions. React on relevant developments by contacting key stakeholders and by finding agreements on changes to the intervention logic.




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