Mercury pollution

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Definition of Mercury pollution:
Mercury is a chemical element which has been found to be toxic for all known living species.
This is the common definition for Mercury pollution, other definitions can be discussed in the article


Some of the impacts of mercury have been studied and proven on wild life:

  • Inhibition of the growth of algae, bacterias and fungi (in the past, mercurochrome was made of mercury for its biocide properties now the use of mercury has been forbidden because of its toxicity);
  • Increase of the embryo-larval mortality (which has been estimated on amphibians)
  • Decrease of the probability of reproduction and inhibition of laying for some species (for instance the zebra fish);
  • Inhibition of spermatogenese;
  • Inhibition of the growth of the rainbow trout, with a high mortality rate of embryos and larvas.