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Nile delta map.jpg

CASE description

The CASE is characterised by a fluvio-marine delta, a low lying coast with lagoon and wetlands (Idku and El- Brulus), its coastal length is about 180 km. The Delta is composed of 7 main administrative units (Governorates). Almost 14 million person residents are situated at the narrow strip around the Nile River. Prevailing land/sea uses are: agriculture tourism, fisheries, industry, maritime and Oil and gas exploration.

Nile delta map 2.jpg

ICZM phase


Main coastal issues

- Fishery

- Climate change effects such as erosion

- Land use


- To develop adaptation strategies to climate change

- To increase fishermen well-being

- To develop planning options for decision makers

Idku lake (Author: Suzan Kholeif)

End Products

Plans-strategic vision-strategy and organisational design, with respect to:

- adaptation policy

- support of local communities in designing-implementing local development plans with particular reference to fishery and mariculture.

Tools foreseen to be developed and used

Indicators - LEAC - Scenarios - Participatory methods

Training needs

LEAC - Scenarios - Participatory methods

CASE Responsible

Susan Kholeif - National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries -

Elaboration: Stefano Soriani, Fabrizia Buono, Monica Camuffo, Marco Tonino, University Ca’ Foscari of Venice.