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Field trips aim to let people to 'see for themselves' the place where a development is proposed to be placed, or to have a demonstration of a technique.


  • Publicise the field trip
  • Select times that suit the largest number of participants (e.g. select from after hours for full-time workers, daytime for retirees or parents with small children).
  • Field trips can run from several hours to full days to allow the greatest number of participants to attend (depending on the time participants can spare; distance to be traveled; availability of expertise and/or case studies).
  • Advertise the agenda and times of key presentations in appropriate place, e.g. local media; posters at local stores and libraries. This will allow participants to attend for shorter periods if necessary, and will allow them to choose sessions of interest.
  • Ensure adequate staff on site to provide assistance (e.g. give directions; be available for first-aid; organise food and drink (catering, set-up and clean away), etcetera.
  • Create and display signs that publicise the location of field trip through attachment of maps/directions with a pre-posted agenda.
  • Ensure all publicity (signs, media releases, brochures) provide directions from major routes near the site.
  • Allow time for participants to approach experts for one-to- one discussions.
  • Provide printed public information materials during the field trip for interested participants.
  • Appoint staff to act as note takers during the discussions.
  • Provide feedback forms/survey/response sheets to facilitate public input.
  • Pay attention to duty of care/safety issues. If site is difficult to access or contains elements of risk, make necessary preparations to avoid accidents with an emphasis on participants with disabilities.
  • Organise catering if appropriate
  • Ensure toilets are available.


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