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The environmental and territorial diagnosis is made up of two distinct and complementary tasks: firstly, an institutional analysis that gives an account of the territorial agent diversity and their actions for the coastal zone management; and secondly, a multidisciplinary assessment of priority environmental issues. This joint work describes the past evolutions and the current and future issues according to the environmental deterioration, associated effects and answers given to deal with it.

Initial considerations

Bouches du Rhone is a multifunctional territory in which environmental issues are numerous, five specific units of larger scales (territorial subsystems) have been defined on the basis of the land occupation and main uses and activities identified. Stakeholders were selected from each geographical sector ranging from site managers to local decision makers.

Modifications and Realization

In order to collect the needed information semi structured interviews were carried out. The interviews aimed to :

  • Identify institutional knowledge.
  • Collect points of view on the main environmental problems in the intervention area.
  • Identify specific objectives f environmental management policies that they lead in the coastal zone.
  • Define institutional deadlock points.

Experiences made and lessons learned

  • Hard to estimate the “priority” character of issues identified on the content base of the interviews and the analysis of current planning documents.
  • Knowledge regarding stakeholders perceptions of the sustainable issues in the coastal zone of Bouches-du-Rhône.


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