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Administrative Port: Plymouth
County: Cornwall
Population: 1206

Polperro is a village and fishing harbour on the south-east Cornwall coast, England, and is situated on the River Pol, 25 miles (40 km) west of the major city and naval port of Plymouth. Fishing was traditionally the principal occupation of Polperro families. For centuries the village has been a pilchard fishing and processing port, with Polperro’s pilchards exported to many parts of Europe. Shoals of these fish diminished in the 20th century and pilchard fishing from Polperro died out as its mainstay in the 1960s, but nonetheless a small fleet of commercial fishing vessels still operate from the harbour. As with many Cornish coastal towns, Polperro’s main revenue-generator these days is tourism.[1]


Picture: Fishing boats of Polperro (Author: GIFS Researcher Photography)

Polperro video.jpg

Video: Polperro harbor (1937)

Background information
Fishing Fleet Vessel type 1 8
Fishing Fleet Vessel type 2 1
Fishing Fleet Vessel type 3
Fishing Fleet Vessels total 9 [2]
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Demersal (tonnes)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Pelagic (tonnes)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Shellfish (tonnes)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) Main species (tonnes)
Landings Total Landings (tonnes) All species (tonnes)
Landings Values Demersal
Landings Values Pelagic
Landings Values Shellfish
Landings Values All species
Landings Number of fishermen Number of fishermen (Regular)
Landings Number of fishermen Number of fishermen (Part-time)
Landings Number of fishermen Number of fishermen Total
Landings Major fish species
Landings Landing points
Landings Location of auctions
Governance and organisation Governance Polperro FLAG
Governance and organisation FLAG Cornwall
Governance and organisation Location of fishermen's organisations
Branding Brand labels
Fish as food Fish selling
Fish as food Fish processing
Fish as food Restaurants/hotels Nevilles, Little Green Looe, Cornwall PL13 2RF
Tourism & Education Tourism & Fishing Fishing trip: Independent Fisher Trips
Tourism & Education Festivals
Tourism & Education Fishing museums The Polperro Heritage Museum of Smuggling and Fishing, Harbour studio, The Warren, Polperro PL13 2RB
Tourism & Education Aquariums
Tourism & Education Monuments
Tourism&Education Fishing training School

Vessel type 1: <10 m vessels
Vessel type 2: >10 m vessels