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Algae farming

The company oceanBASIS cultivates the sugarkelp Saccharina latissima in an integrative sustainable aquaculture facility in the Kiel Fjord. The company is specialised in extracting natural substances from marine organisms and developes natural products for health and beauty such as cosmetics.

Seasonally marine biologists of oceanBASIS cultivate young algae sporophytes on seeding ropes in the laboratory. After about 8 weeks they are launched in the openwater farm, which is organic certified according to European organic standards. The seedlings grow about half a year in fresh seawater until they become harvested in early summer.

After harvesting the fresh algae are fermented to an alcoholic extract rich in active marine ingredients such as minerals, iodine, special algae sugars and polyphenols.


Figure 1: Oceanwell organic cosmetics products

Based on this unique extract and natural seawater oceanBASIS developed the NaTrue certified organic cosmetic brand “Oceanwell” with 10 products for face and body skin care. Nationally Oceanwell is distributed via an online shop, perfumeries, natural cosmetics shops, spas and hotels. Export has started recently first to China, now to the USA. Clinical and Dermatest studies revealed that Oceanwell has a beneficial skin-compatible effect. Thus it is suitable especially for dry and sensitive skin. Moreover, Oceanwell moisturizes, regenerates, energizes and protects the skin in a natural way. After 7 years of research oceanBASIS invented a new cosmetic ingredient, oceanic collagen, extracted from jellyfish. Studies revealed unique high waterbinding capacity. The organically certified cosmetic ProAge Line “OceanCollagen” was developed specially for demanding skin. Dermatest studies showed that wrinkles depth is reduced significantly (–25 %) by the OceanCollagen face cream.

Source: Blue Biotechnology in the Baltic Sea Region: New Strategies and Future Perspectives [1]