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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Definition" with value "mixed and variable material". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Traits:Siliceous  + (composed of silicon based spines, spicules or lattice, e.g. siliceous or glass sponges)
  • Traits:Sponginous  + (composed of spongin, fibrous protein component of the horny sponges (derived from Lawrence, 2005).)
  • Traits:Cruising  + (copepod / zooplankton specific??)
  • Traits:Calcite  + (crystalline form of calcium carbonate, e. g. one of the constituents of mollusc shells and the skeletons of calcareous sponges.)
  • Traits:Ctenidia  + (e.g bivalve molluscs)
  • Traits:Clawed  + (e.g. Mammals)
  • Traits:Talons  + (e.g. birds)
  • Traits:Beak  + (e.g. birds / cephalopods)
  • Traits:Gorgonin  + (fibrous protein in the mesoglea of sea fans (gorgonians) which forms the stiff skeleton of the colony.)
  • Traits:EggSac  + (for example the egg sacs of copepods - carried by adult)
  • Traits:Endoskeleton  + (internal structure that supports the body of an organism)
  • Traits:LifeSpan  + (life span/longevity, recorded in days, months, years.)
  • Traits:Solid  + (massive structure, e.i. not consisting of loose agglutinated particles.)
  • Traits:Dipping  + (seabird specific?)
  • Traits:DrivingFishForward  + (seabird, cetaceans?)
  • Traits:Pattering  + (seabirds/wader)
  • Traits:Probing  + (seabirds/wader)
  • Traits:Skimming  + (seabirds/wader)
  • Traits:GroundForaging  + (seabirds?)
  • Traits:NonSolidParticlesComp  + (small and individual structural elements that function as supporting structure/enclosure, e.g. spicules in sponges.)
  • Traits:CephalicSpines  + (specialist - chaetognaths)
  • Traits:Rasping  + (specialist - rasping radulla of grazing molluscs)
  • Traits:Captacula  + (specialist - scaphopods)
  • Traits:Introvert  + (specialist - sipunculans)
  • Traits:VentralBuccalOrgan  + (variable set of folds, musculature and glavariable set of folds, musculature and glands, present on the ventral side of many polychaetes, is usually referred to as a ventral proboscis and is the most common form in Polychaetes. The ventral proboscis may be a simple eversible muscular pad, the outer end of these pharynges may be frilled and densely ciliated. Other species have the lateral walls of the proboscis folded and broadly connected ventrally to a deep buccal organ, others have a ventral proboscis also present.ers have a ventral proboscis also present.)