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Definition of Strand plain:
Strand plains are shoreline deposits of coastal plains that form progradational terraces or step-like constructional terraces[1].
This is the common definition for Strand plain, other definitions can be discussed in the article


Strand plains are large accretions that form on wave-dominated coasts which are abundantly supplied with sediment from nearby rivers. The accretions typically take the form of several shore-parallel belts. Examples are the beach-ridge or dune-ridge plain (Figure 1) and the chenier plain (Figure 2). A beach-ridge plain forms if the supplied sediment is sandy; dune ridges are formed by aeolian sand transport. A chenier plain forms if the supplied sediment consists of mud.

Fig. 1. Strand plain of dune ridges that has developed after construction of the Rhine discharge sluices ('Haringvliet sluices') in 1970. Photo credit Rens Jacobs, Beeldbank Rijkswaterstaat.
Fig. 2. Chenier plain in Guinée (West Africa). Image Google Earth.


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