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This paper contains useful introductions and definitions that clarify the conceptual mess around the terms 'habitat', 'biotope' etc. I should be scrutinized carefully to remove some inconsistencies with the definitions used in the glossary. In the latter, e.g., a biotope is defined as the smallest recognizable unit of an ecosystem, suggesting it is a subset of an ecosystem and thus has fundamentally the same characteristics (including the dynamics). In the present article biotopes are denied the possession of dynamics, but the reason for that is very unclear. Such small corrections could improve the coherence of the coastal wiki as a whole but should not lead to substantial rewritings.

The structure of the text may make a clearer distinction between historical and current use of the term 'biotope', e.g. by referring all reference to the historic use to a single section or a text box. In such a way, there would be a clear statement of how the term is now supposed to be interpreted.

The purpose of the table in the article is not clear. What is it supposed to clarify? As it stands now, it can be dropped.

An illustration could be very helpful to document the relations between the different terms used in the text. Probably a simple cartoon would do wonders.

The references have still to be cited within the text